Local File Inclusion

A file inclusion vulnerability is a type of web vulnerability that is most commonly found to affect web applications that rely on a scripting run time. This issue is caused when an application builds a path to executable code using an attacker-controlled variable in a way that allows the attacker to control which file is executed at run time


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  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_inclusion_vulnerability

List of Local File Inclusion Flaws

Status Component Name Version Disclosed By Disclosure Date Access Level CVE-Number
wp-plugin : aceide 2.6.2 Shreya Pohekar 2021/07/23 Administrator CVE-2021-24549
wp-plugin : wp-amasin-the-amazon-affiliate-shop 0.9.6 Anantshri 2014/05/29 Unauthenticated CVE-2014-4577
wp-plugin : cross-rss 1.7 Anantshri 2014/05/29 Unauthenticated CVE-2014-4941
wp-plugin : tom-m8te 1.5.3 Anantshri 2014/05/28 Unauthenticated Not Assigned
wp-plugin : lastfm-rotation 1 Anantshri 2014/05/28 Unauthenticated Not Assigned
wp-plugin : bookx 1.7 Anantshri 2014/05/28 Unauthenticated CVE-2014-4937
wp-plugin : Tera-chart 0.1 Anantshri 2014/05/28 Unauthenticated CVE-2014-4940